Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Everyone’s Health and Safety is Our Priority, too.

Due to the inability to maintain the social distancing recommendations with Uber, Lift, and public transportation, we feel it is important to keep our customers’ cars running safely. 

FYI: Bring your vehicle for a FREE DEQ diagnostic test. We are an approved automotive site to conduct DEQ Vehicle Emissions Test. For more information see:

• To best protect our customers and our employees, please communicate with us via phone or email to avoid lengthy, face-to-face interaction.
• Please call to schedule your appointment: 503-635-4116.

• Currently, we’re minimizing any “Wait For Service“ appointments. If you need to wait, please call us first. Our office is too small to maintain the recommended social distancing. There is a nearby park next to the river. We’ll be happy to point you in that direction and call you when your vehicle is ready.

• When dropping off your vehicle, please call us from your vehicle and leave your keys on the passenger seat. At this time, please share any additional information about your vehicle.

• Our staff will wear masks and gloves, and sanitize your door’s handle, steering wheel, gear shifter, and keys before and after service. We will also use plastic covers for your steering wheel, seat and floor. 

• Please pay for service with your credit card via your phone. We will bring the keys from the office to you.

Vehicle Drop Off During Covid-19 Outbreak:

• Leave only your car key or fob (No house keys, extra rings, or lanyards.)

• Turn AC/Heater Fan to the ‘OFF’ position before turning off your car.

• Drop your keys through our mail slot. Please do not come into our small office.


We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate these trying times to provide you with the best possible service.